The audit is an independent assessment of time to obtain evidence in relation to a particular item, and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the predefined criteria have been met or not.

It should be emphasized an aspect often overlooked or not made ​​explicit: the audit of systems takes place on the basis of a sampling of evidence and, therefore, an inevitable margin of error due to the fact that attests to an overall result from a limited number of selected items. This is due to the limited resources that can be made ​​available for the audit.

An efficient management system is a great card for business: it demonstrates their commitment to improve processes, ensure quality and safety, and improve their image in the market. Management systems also confirm the focus on effective and efficient management of processes, employee motivation and customer satisfaction.

Certi W ® is a certification body accredited by Latak according to international standards, has the expertise to perform audits and in several market sectors in the field of quality, environment, energy, health and safety of workers, and security of information, accountability social, food industry, ensuring competence and reliability in every field.