The Five Stages of Registration


Certification is subject to supervision. Certification bodies are themselves audited by the relevant authorities and bodies, as part of the approval and accreditation process. In Latvia, the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau (LATAK), is the designated body for the accreditation of certification bodies according to the ISO/IEC 17021-1 in applicable edition, which requires independence, competence and impartiality. Certi W ® takes all the measures necessary to meet these requirements and ensure the reliability of its decisions.


Certi W ® is accredited by LATAK, a MLA member. For information on the updated perimeter of accreditation please go to www.latak.lv web site.

3.Initial Assessment

To enable Certi W ® to establish confidence that your management system satisfies both the terms of this Agreement and the specified standard, we require you to:

a) pay the full assessment fee specified in the quotation,
b) enable Certi W ® to have access to all records, documentation, work areas and personnel relevant to your registration,
c) at the time of the assessment demonstrate compliance with the specified standard to Certi W ®‘s satisfaction
d) nominate a deputy management representative and advise Certi W ® of this nomination.

If Certi W ® is not satisfied that this compliance can be adequately demonstrated during the initial assessment visit, it may be necessary to undertake an unlimited number of special visits before certification can be granted.

Should that be the case, any special visits will be arranged in advance and charged at the Certi W ® man day rate specified in the quotation.


When you have satisfied Certi W ® of your compliance, Certi W ® shall provide (following consultation with you) a written scope of registration describing the assessed activities and their locations. As evidence of compliance you will receive a Certi W ® signed Certificate of Registration, and will be advised in writing of its terms of validity.

Certi W ® may at any time refuse to issue a Certificate or revoke or suspend or terminate such Certificate in circumstances where, in Certi W ®‘s reasonable opinion, compliance with the specified standard or this Agreement (including, without limitation, the Use of Logo) has not yet been met.

5.Ongoing and Reassessments

It is a condition of this Agreement that you must advise Certi W ® in writing if at any time you do not comply with this Agreement or the specified standard. During the certification cycle Certi W ® shall make regular visits to ascertain the continuing effectiveness of your management system, and in certain circumstances including nonconformity with the specified standard, it may be necessary for Certi W ® to make special visits. The duration and frequency of regular and special visits is not fixed but shall be at the reasonable discretion of Certi W ®, and will be arranged in advance and charged at the Certi W ® man day rate specified in the quotation.


Certi W ® will confirm the certification cycle relating to the registration.

At the end of the certification cycle, Certi W ® will undertake a reassessment of your management system to assess suitability for continuation of your certification.