Environment / eco-sustainability

The environment surrounds us all. What is important is the Environmental Education. It is an essential tool for companies to raise a greater responsibility towards environmental issues, and awareness of the need to be involved in the policies to follow. The Environmental Education is the discipline that more than any other lends itself to a study and a deepening “in the field”. For effective achievement of educational objectives, it is essential to develop activities in direct contact with the environment.

Sustainable Ecological Development concerns not only the environment but also the economy (consumption, poverty, north and south of the world) and the company (rights, peace, health, cultural diversity). It is a process that lasts for a lifetime, which takes a holistic approach and encourages the use of reflection and systems thinking and is not limited to learning “formal”, but also extends to the non-formal and informal as necessary supplements for complete information campaign that reaches all production / services companies. The environmental sustainability covers natural resource endowments, past and present pollution levels, environmental management efforts, contributions to protection of the global commons, and a society’s capacity to improve its environmental performance over time.