Social responsability

The Corporate Social Responsibility is, in the jargon of economic and financial environment, the scope concerning the ethical implications of strategic vision within the company: it is a manifestation of the will of large, small and medium-sized enterprises to effectively manage the issues of social and ethical impact of their internal and areas of activity.

The historical context in which it develops the notion of Corporate Social Responsibility is a cultural and academic context in which it requests an undertaking to adopt socially responsible behavior, monitoring and responding to the economic, environmental and social functions of all carriers of interest (stakeholders) with the aim of seizing a competitive advantage and maximize long-term profits.

The management is assigned the task of designing a policy that expresses a commitment to comply with the requirements and the complex legal binding, as well as to ensure that a proper policy of continuous improvement, with a view to defining the rules of increase in goodwill company.

The company must be committed to revise periodically the adequacy and effectiveness, and compare performance with the requirements from the perspective of continuous improvement.