Certi W ®, multinational company, provides certification services of management systems, processes, products and services. Certi W ® has always been synonymous of real independence, impartiality, competence and quality. Starting in 2012, we decided to introduce a distinctive trademark to be instantly recognizable in the market, and thus Certiluxe ® by Certi W ® was created. Certiluxe ® is a trademark to be licensed for use only by those firms that are certified by Certi W ® as they operate in the sector of luxury delivering services or selling products mainly to customers (B2B or B2C) with high potential and high expectations. For customers or potential customers the brand Certiluxe ® is a guarantee of quality and reliability.

Real luxury is: UNIQUENESS, INNOVATION and QUALITY. So the idea of the “Award Certiluxe ®“ was born to be granted to Whoever, company or person, distinguishes himself/itself in his own sphere of activity, having proved to have and to offer UNIQUENESS, INNOVATION and QUALITY.